Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Introductory Course

Argentine Tango
Primeros Pasos - Introductory course


 taught by Nathalie Mifsud 
Argentine tango started in the barrios of Buenos Aires, by men dancing together. Perhaps for lack of women perhaps for other reasons too. Who cares who dances with who it is a beautiful dance. There are all sorts of events happening in every corner of the world. Tango queer, as the tango gay scene is often referred to, is found in many major cities, buzzing with creativity, sensuality, good spirit and fun.  It knows no age, colour or shape.

And here Tango is open for same sex couples, and those that are interested in learning switching of roles.  

Venue              Rabat. Depending on the response.

Time                  6.00pm

Dates                Sunday 16th January 2011
                            Sunday 16th January 2011
                            Sunday 16th January 2011
Sunday 16th January 2011
                            Sunday 16th January 2011
                            Lessons are 1:30hrs long.

For those that would like to stay on and practice may do so together with tango people from other groups untill 10.30pm

Price                  50 Euros per person / 35 Euros for full-time students and seniors.

Booking  by email to stating HAPI TANGO GROUP, your full name and mobile number and  details of any accompanying friends (in case i need to contact you urgently).

Dress    What you want, normally, casual.

Shoes    Followers  are advised to wear well supported shoes with slippery soles. 
                 No Flip Flops please.
                  Leaders are advised to wear round toed shoes or gym shoes. 

                  Long pointed shoes make life difficult

Dance partner    No need for a fixed dance partner.

IMPORTANT: Payment may be effected on the first lesson. Please arrive a little earlier. No refunds will be issued for missed classes unless informed at the beginning of the course. 

Gift Vouchers: Please remember that you can always give a Tango course as a gift to a loved one or a dear friend.

If you need private classes, further information and/or booking please contact Nathalie on or call 7928 7755 or 2145 6408.

Best regards